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Die drei ??? on Spotify

· Timo Denk

Since April 1. 2016 many episodes of the popular German series Die drei ??? are available for free on Spotify. Unfortunately Spotify doesn’t list the albums in a structured way.

Screenshot Die drei ??? on Spotify

Spotify screenshot: It’s hard to get an overview about the available episodes, since you can’t sort them by name.

Spotify has a well working API including a URL that returns all albums of an artist in JSON format. For Die drei ??? that is:


That made it easy to write a little website listing all available episodes in a clean way. Update (May 2017): Spotify has changed their API access rules in a way that requires an authentication prior to fetching the list of albums. See Spotify’s Web API Authorization Guide for more details.

In order to download all albums of a given artist I developed a module which I’ll post here, because it is the core of the app.

var api = (function() {
  var spotifyDataUrl = 'https://api.spotify.com/v1/artists/3meJIgRw7YleJrmbpbJK6S/albums';

  var downloaded = []; // spotify API serves only limited number of entries at once

  function fetchData(callback) {
    request(callback, 0);

  function request(callback, offset) {
    var jqxhr = jQuery.getJSON(spotifyDataUrl + '?offset=' + offset)
      .done(function(data) {
        downloaded = downloaded.concat(data.items);
        NProgress.set(downloaded.length / data.total);
        if (downloaded.length >= data.total || 
          data.offset + data.limit > data.total) 
          callback(null, downloaded);
        else {
          request(callback, data.offset + data.limit);
      }).fail(function(err) {

  return {
    fetchData: fetchData

The ordered list of all episodes can be found at my website.

The code of the above-mentioned site is open source and has been uploaded to GitHub here.

Screenshot Die drei ??? web-tool