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A Miniature Grand Piano

· Timo Denk

This is a short documentation of a recent 3d-printing project of mine. It is a miniature grand piano, at 1:10 the scale of a Yamaha C6 grand piano. The blog contains a video exhibiting the piano, explains the creation process a little bit, and links to the STL files which can be used to modify or print the piano.

The piano itself consists of a number of pieces which were printed individually and glued together afterwards. The figure shows the printing times of the individual components.

Part Preview STL download
Case front case-front.stl
Case case.stl
Chair parts chair-parts.stl
Chair spacer chair-spacer.stl
Front legs front-legs.stl
Key lid key-lid.stl
Keys (black) keys-black-fit.stl
Keys (white) keys-white.stl
Pedal box pedal-box.stl
Rear leg rear-leg.stl
Top lid top-lid.stl
Wheel parts wheel-parts.stl

I modeled the piano in Blender. The entire process took around 14 hours (with the interior still pending). It proved very helpful that Yamaha provides some blueprints of the real piano on their website.
Piano Painting
The painting took about eight hours. Obligatory sanding first, followed by several layers of black paint, and two layers of varnish on top.
I am very happy with the final result. The interior is still to be modeled, maybe it will happen on rainy winter evenings. As for now the piano will decorate the shelf and stay there.
Few know about the piano’s identical twin, which is now in concealment at a secret place.