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Periodic Table Trainer (Android Wear)

· Timo Denk

Memorize the Elements of the Periodic Table Right on Your Wrist

This Android Wear app shows the chemical elements of the periodic table. Starting with Hydrogen you can continue with a simple tap on the center of the screen. Before you do that, you should think of the name of the following element. What comes after Hydrogen (H)?

Let’s drop in the app icon and some screenshots so that you have time to think about the name of the second element in the periodic table.

Periodic Table Trainer App Icon Periodic Table Trainer Screenshot 1 Periodic Table Trainer Screenshot 2

Got it?

Right, Helium (He)! Tap and check whether you were right. Continue like that until you reach Oganesson which is number… Correct: 118. I know – that one is hard!

This technique helps you to memorize the elements. You can see the overall progress and the current time (remember, you are doing all that on your watch) while you are learning.

I wrote this app on August 12, 2016 in Washington DC because my sister Tanja and I tried to memorize the periodic table during our vacation in America. This is the photo I sent to her when version 1.0 was running.

Periodic Table Trainer Development

The source code can be found on GitHub; download link on Google Play.