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Piano Note Practice (Online Tool)

· Timo Denk

Learning piano pieces can take some time. For some piano players a difficult aspect of it is reading the notes. If one gets used to memorizing them, or (even worse) always writes the corresponding letter above them (e.g. “c” or “♯g”), learning a new pieces takes quite a while. In order to get better at recognizing piano notes just by looking at them, I have written a new online tool. It is available at tools.timodenk.com/piano-note-practice.

The tool shows an image of a piano note and asks the user to enter the note’s name into a text field. It lets the user switch between treble and bass clef. Opposed to other available online tools, it does not reload the page every single time an answer is being submitted. You can try it in the iframe below.

The note images are own work, except the clefs are taken from this and this Wikipedia image by Just plain Bill. The cover photo of this post shows me playing the piano from memory — hopefully an atypical appearance in the future.