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Smart Poker Table

· Timo Denk

Our “Smart Poker Table” detects the players’ cards as well as the community cards. It computes the winning probabilities for each player, according to the rules of Texas Hold’em, and renders them onto a screen.

Team members. Felix Starke, Tobias Robl, Pascal Meßner, and Timo Denk

Technical details. The software that reads the RFID readers is written in Node.js and C++. It makes API calls to a Java application that computes the probabilities. The UI itself is connected the Node.js backend through socket.io.

MusicBazanji – Life I Chose, inspired by Daniel Negreanu.

Part List

  • #4×2+5 RFID readers: RFID-RC522 13,56 MHz
  • #52 RFID stickers: NFC Smart Tag Adhesives Sticker 1152 Bits (attached to the poker deck)
  • Poker deck with 52 cards
  • Wooden board with green coating
  • Raspberry Pi (the version does not matter)
  • CD74HC4067 16-channel multiplexer (for reading that many RFID readers with a single Raspberry Pi)